About Natureal: Comfort and Style

Natureal is a clothing boutique that is all about helping you look and feel great.

Natureal is for women who want quality clothes you won’t find everywhere, clothes that you will actually wear because they suit your style, fit well and feel great on.   

We carry simple, elegant lifestyle pieces that are the ultimate in comfort because they are made with natural fibres ... without sacrificing style.  We also provide great customer service.

The pieces have a “go-anywhere” appeal. With their simple lines and unique details, they are perfect on their own and great when paired with an accessory. Everything in the store is made from natural fibres, like 100% organic cotton, bamboo, linen and silk. The clothes are breatheable, and feel like a second skin when you're wearing them.

You can also feel good when you select something from Natureal because you know the piece has been made responsibly. The designers we carry have a commitment to social responsibility and minimizing the impact of their work by using sustainable fabrics, recycling materials, minimizing waste and use of resources, and being involved in initiatives that support communities and social development.

We recognize it’s difficult to find time to shop—or you just don’t like it—so we are here to help. We’ll give you as much time and attention as you want to help you find the perfect style and fit. Our goal is to help you feel great ... not talk you into something that’s going to sit in your closet.


Helping you feel great sounds like this: ‘I love that dress I got here. It is sooo comfortable, I wear it all the time ... and I get so many compliments when I do.’