Pack 'n Provide

Planning to visit a developing country?  Chances are you are also planning to pack items – like clothes – you’ll leave behind for the local people.

Here’s a cost-effective way you can get the breathable, easy-to-pack clothes you need to wear on your trip, but don’t mind parting with before you leave your destination.

Our “Pack ‘n Provide” program is an assortment of clothing that has been designated for this very purpose.  It’s clothing suitable for travel (especially to hot climates) that we have leftover after the end-of-season sale and taken off display, and is specially marked down to prices between $10 and $20 a piece.

The tops, skirts, dresses etc. may not be exactly the colours and styles you wear in your every day life, but are exactly what you need for your adventure.  And more importantly, you’ll be providing the gift of a new(ish!) outfit – and a boost -- to a woman who is less fortunate.

The Pack ‘n Provide program is available all year round but the assortment is not on display.  Please ask to see it when you come in … and tell someone you know who is going to a place in the world that is developing as a nation.

“To a poor person, receiving a new outfit is like winning the lottery.”  
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